Christmas Campaign 2017
Currently, I am working on the Christmas Campaign at Hidden Art. I came up with the themes, selected the products to be featured in each banner, designed the composition and did all photoshoots at our office/studio.
(More banners to come)

15 November, 2017 Photo Credit: Annie Wu
Gifts for magical parties and special occasions

Photo and Description by Annie Wu

9 November 2017: Photo Credit: Annie Wu
For all things warm and cosy that help create magic in the heart of home this Christmas season.

Six Campaigns
These are the banners I created while I interned at Hidden Art. For each I or as a team came up with the theme for the e-newsletter, created a byline and selected products to be featured. Each followed the branding guidelines. Using the photos available provided by our designers, I selected the images that best express the content and current theme with consideration for colour palette. 

October 2017: Creative Corner
Photo Credit: Annie Wu 

September 2017: Pattern Splendour
Photo: Nitin Goyal London

August 2017: Animal Kingdom (Animal Lovers)
Photo Credit: Terrarium

July 2017: Splashes of Summer
Photo Credit: Terrarium

June 2017: Gifts Dad will Love (Father's Day)
Photo Credit: Georgina Griffiths Glass

May, 2017: Tying the Knot (Wedding Inspirations)
Photo Credit: Headsprung

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